Working with Lazaris Material Processes

One of the things I like about the Lazaris Material is that it covers the psychological aspects of growth as well as the metaphysical and spiritual. Not all spiritual teachings do.  Working with it can bring about profound change because it truly is holistic in its scope.

Ever since I discovered the Material, I have worked through the processes that Lazaris outlines on the recordings. These can be purchased from Concept: Synergy on the Lazaris website. I have become used to the feeling of excitement and anticipation when about to embark on one of these processes. I don’t know exactly what is going to come up and what I will learn about myself. It’s unknown to me how I will change, but I know that by working through the process I will be different; I will grow.

When sharing the Material through workshops, I bring elements of the processes into the work that we do. Some processes lend themselves to the workshop format more than others. Some just can’t be adequately covered in this way. Therefore I started offering support through the processes in one-to-one sessions.This area of my work is growing and I find it fascinating.

Each process, whilst having clear and distinct steps, is unique for each individual. In the sessions, we hold the structure of the process lightly. Some steps take longer than others. We trust what is occurring, what is coming up, even if it doesn’t apparently fit the step we’re on – we usually find afterwards that it is relevant. All of this is incredibly interesting to me and stretches my understanding of the Material and the processes themselves. And of course it is rewarding and a privilege to be alongside someone as they reveal and become more of who they are in their unique way.

During one process that I was doing with two friends, material came up about their friendship. It was what was occurring and so we went with it. We discovered that the process was crystallizing an issue that had been between them for some time.  The difficulties that they were encountering were rooted in the area that the process covered.  We worked on it, so that they could understand more fully why they would get snarled up with each other and therefore avoid doing so in the future.  This sort of occurrence deepens and enriches the process immensely.

There are hundreds of recordings and many, many processes that Lazaris outlines. I offer guidance and support through some key ones. You can find out more on my one-to-one page. To find out more about Lazaris, visit the Concept: Synergy website.

Leigh Osborne, Copyright July 2016 (amended March 2017)