I offer intuitive counselling to help with whatever issues you are facing. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the main thing that facilitates healing and growth in this situation. Although we all share common experiences,  each of us is unique, as is our personal process. I am here to help you find your own answers. I can offer you my expertise, empathy, compassion, appropriate challenge and support.

"I found Leigh respectful, empathic and insightful. He helped me clarify why I find it so challenging to accept and express my spirituality. I have struggled with this for many years and now have a strategy to start changing it." P, Norwich  

Venue: 20 Unthank Rd, Norwich, NR2 2RA

I also offer:

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Cost: £40 for an hour (concessions available)

Exploration through creative play: these sessions begin with guided visualisation or some other stimulus, such as focussed listening to music. There is space for you to respond to the stimulus through free artwork or creative writing. In discussing what you have produced, you can gain insight into issues you are facing and receive information and guidance from beyond your conscious awareness. All materials are provided.

This work is also suitable for small groups.

Work with Lazaris Material processes: I’ve worked with the Lazaris Material since 1996 and have found it to be profoundly transformative. This step by step approach provides a clear framework, but how we do each step is guided by your individual process.

This work is also suitable for small groups. Topics include:

Breaking & Replacing Our Dark Shield of Negativity - in our childhood and adolescence we construct a dark shield to protect ourselves and to cope with the world around us. It’s made up of shame, a feeling of not deserving, guilt, our addictions, self-sabotage, self-punishment and the denial of love. By working with and easing these defences we can begin to replace them with a light shield, made up of remorse, willingness, active thinking and feeling, our strengths, our power, pampering our self (not our ego) and receiving love.

Alternatively, you might like to focus on one element of the dark shield and its replacement.

Telling the Story You are Destined to Tell- story holds, amongst other things, our memories, myths, fundamental choices and beliefs. The story that we hold about our self and our life, therefore, has a profound impact on the reality that we create. By working with the different levels of our story, we can change our relationship to our past, present and future and discover our exalted story – the story that our Soul and Spirit long for us to tell.

Working with Your Shadow - The Shadow is a face of the Soul. It holds sacred everything that we are unable to deal with or accept and returns these things to us when we are ready. It holds not only the dark material, but the light as well. Through coming to understand and encountering our Shadow, we can connect with a powerful ally on our spiritual journey home.

Personal Image - if our image of our self cannot support the reality we want to create then we won’t create it. Image is therefore vitally important. It can be the thing that limits our growth. We can bust the limited image we hold of our self and build a positive one that can encompass greater success. We can work on our image as a whole or an image that relates to a specific area of our life.

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