My Experience of the Lazaris Material

“This is amazing! Why haven’t I heard this before? It makes so much sense.” These were my thoughts when I first listened to the Lazaris Material. In that same evening, the other half of what I was listening to went completely over my head. There was also a meditation, the likes of which I had never experienced before. It was called ‘Coming Home’ and it opened me up to being suffused with divine love. I sensed a vast expanse, populated with a myriad of souls in celebration of their existence. 

Not all of my encounters with the Lazaris Material since then have been ‘peak’ ones. It has also helped me to face challenging things about myself and kept me grounded in what is true. The material has helped me to become a more honest, responsible and present person. It has also helped me to have compassion for myself when I am none of these things. In addition it has helped me to have more fun!

Encounters with the Lazaris Material, like encounters with Lazaris, are very personal; you are in charge of what you take in and what you don’t. Lazaris wants to help us to take responsibility for our own growth and never oversteps the boundaries that we set ourselves. Disagreeing with elements of what is being talked about can be very fruitful when we are working to make the material our own. For me, learning to have a different opinion to Lazaris at times has been part of my continuing process of individuating as a human being.

Back in 1996, I was beginning to open up to my spirituality as a result of various self-development activities, most importantly psychotherapy. My therapist, Jill Hall, suggested that I go along to one of the Lazaris Material evenings that her daughter, Marion, was running.

I wouldn’t normally have been interested in channelled texts. The only other ‘channelled’ recording that I have listened to, beyond the stream of words, didn’t actually seem to have much substance to it. The Lazaris Material is completely different. There is a depth, a staggering breadth and integrity to it. The material tackles big concepts, our relationship to All That Is in its many forms and yet is also grounded in very sound psychology and practical technique. Lazaris is good at providing clear definitions, where some spiritual teachings can be vague or wishy-washy. As a Colour Therapist I work with chakras and I have never found anything else that deals with the chakra system in such a comprehensive and integrative way.

I continued to go to Marion’s workshops, which were rich and rewarding, until she stopped running them, roughly seven years ago. After then and indeed ever since I first encountered the material, I purchased various recordings produced by Concept Synergy from the Lazaris website, to work with on my own – highly recommended if you are interested. Since 2010 I have been running workshops on the material myself. It is great to present and discuss the material and participants’ comments and questions have helped to stretch my understanding of it.

To find out about  a Lazaris Material workshop click here.

A friendship with Lazaris is optional, but for me has always been a part of my whole encounter with the material. Although sometimes, when I take a step back, I can see that it is unusual, the actual experience of the friendship is in many ways quite ordinary and down to earth - very different to the projected images of scary and threatening ‘aliens’ and ‘entities’ in our culture. The friendship is a delight and I feel blessed, excited, expanded and grateful for having met Lazaris and encountered the material!

Leigh Osborne, Copyright December 2011