Colour Therapy and Colour Preference

Is it orange? Blue? Red? Purple? Many of us have a favourite colour or certain colours that we prefer. When I was training to be a Colour Therapist one of the basic tenets was that we are drawn to the colours that we need.

Colours can provide us with more than visual pleasure. Whether it’s the calming influence of green, the warming stimulus of red, or the enhancement of our intuition provided by indigo, all colours can affect us on many levels.

The seven rainbow colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – are intimately connected with the chakra system. The chakra system is a network of energy centres in and around the body that help regulate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. There are seven major chakras that are located from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. Each of these chakras resonates to the electromagnetic frequency of one of the rainbow colours: red at the base up to violet at the crown.

When the flow of energy from any of these chakras is blocked or impeded, we can use the appropriate colour to ‘retune’ the chakra and restore the flow of energy. When a chakra is blocked or impeded problems can occur in our holistic well-being and so using colour can help us back to health.

Working with colour and the chakras can also provide us with insight into the issues that are affecting our well-being and so we can use them to facilitate change; we can use colour as a tool for growth.

Visualisation, colour breathing, silk scarves, light box, light pen, crystals, irradiated water – there are many ways to ‘apply’ or draw on colour. Even the way we dress or decorate our homes can affect us. What I love about colour is that its effects can be immediate. Colour can bypass a lot of the defensive armour that we surround ourselves in; we can respond to it quite spontaneously. There is a language of colour that speaks to each individual in a very personal way.

I always wondered about colour preference. I could see that it worked, that when I was drawn to a particular colour it always had something to offer me. But what about the colours we are not drawn to? I was sure that there was more to it than just being attracted to the colours that we need and not being attracted to the colours that we don’t.

A while ago I ran a workshop on the theme of colour preference. We looked at the colours that we were drawn to and those that we weren’t. It was very interesting that a few of us noted that we felt very safe with our preferred colour. However, the colour that we were not drawn to represented an area of our life that we were avoiding, but could benefit from developing – we could use that colour and what it represented to become more of who we are.

As a Colour Therapist I like a whole range of colours – there are no ‘bad’ colours! I am drawn to different colours at different times. One combination that often comes back to me is orange with blue – imagine sunlight through azure water, coral reefs and a shoal of orange fishes...

Leigh Osborne, Copyright December 2011

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