The Lazaris Material: Becoming Intimate with our Higher Self

Saturday 26 September 2020, 10.00am - 5.00pm

This workshop will take place online

Cost: £50/ £40 concession

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"You have a really lovely balance of being very knowledgeable with a depth of insight into the material but being very accessible at the same time ..." S, Norfolk

Our Higher Self Loves us Unconditionally, Can Guide us on our Spiritual Journey Home

Beyond the practicalities of living, a vibrant sense of aliveness is ultimately sourced in our connection with our Higher Self. By owning our resistance to its realness and developing techniques to become intimate with it, we can experience more of that aliveness in our everyday world.

Lazaris is a non-physical entity who channels through Jach Pursel, providing, with love, wisdom, and humour, a dazzling array of material that is both practical and profound.